Meet some of our students and hear what they have to say


Atif Mir (UK)

“I have been having one to one Qur’an sessions with Qari Zaka Ullah Saleem since January 2021. I have greatly benefited from his personalised Qur’an lessons. After the first few sessions he got me to focus on the common mistakes in my recitation and guided me on how to improve with practical demonstration. I feel very confident in my recitation now and I highly recommend the Qur’an Institute to anyone who wishes to recite Book of Allah with proper rules and most importantly embark on the learning journey that will help them connect with Allah SWT.”


Ahmed (USA)

“The teacher’s guidance and instruction have been excellent, and everyone with whom I’ve dealt with at the mosque have been very helpful alhamdulillah. The classes have made me confident that I can keep learning more inshallah and have encouraged me to do so.”


Jodie (UK)

“The Quran Tuition I received was absolutely wonderful, I had a fantastic teacher who motivated and inspired me every week. Lessons were always well thought out, involved a variety of activities and ways of learning, and really helped me to develop my knowledge of the Quran, Arabic and to perfect my recitation. I felt confident to ask questions and seek extra support pronouncing new and unfamiliar letters/sounds (English is my first and only spoken language). I was amazed at how quickly I was able to memorise and recite surah’s and looked forward to lessons every week. I am so grateful to have had these lessons as they have brought me closer to Allah, enabling me to recite in my prayers and to feel more connected to my faith”.


Noble (UK)

“Learning Qa’idah/Tajweed formally with structure for a complete novice like myself has been a remarkable experience. I couldn’t thank the Qari enough for benefitting from his vast experience and wealth of knowledge in the field of Qa’idah, Barrack’Allah’feek. The sessions are personable, contextualised and tailored to one’s level with the added convenience of live online learning. This course comes highly recommended to prospective learners of Qa’idah at any level. Time well spent and a worthwhile investment indeed!”


N Allen (UK)

Please allow me to take this opportunity to thank the admin team and the teacher for such a remarkable experience that couldn’t have come at a better time, especially the convenience of the online delivery. Given that I do not live in Birmingham, I would’ve otherwise missed out on such a valuable opportunity by virtue of not being physically present at Birmingham/Green Lane. I wish to kindly extend my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to you all.”

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